How to build a bath tub worm bin

Be sure to read my post about Composting with Worms. With a little extra time and effort, you can build this bin basically for free if you have all the proper resources.

12 EASY Steps to Building a Bathtub Worm Farm!

Preparation: 24 hours for sealants to dry properly
Building: 2 hours
Cost: $44.99
Skill Level: Moderately Easy

Tools you will need:
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Irrigation installation

Today couldn’t have come at a better time for me. We installed the irrigation system at the edibles nursery so we could stop hand watering all of the plants. The reason why this couldn’t have come at better time for me is because I will be installing drip irrigation at our (My partner, housemates, and I) soon to be named farm. In my world, it is always much better to practice on another person’s project before I get knee-deep in my own and don’t know where to literally stop the flood.

There were 9 out of 11 apprentices, plus the director Mario, working hard as we installed four out of eight zones. A zone is an area of irrigation which is controlled by its own valve. This little fact may be boring, but the day was exciting! Here is a terrible picture taken from my phone of David installing a four-way splitter:

David connecting the four-way splitter

David connecting the four-way splitter

Overall, today was a blast. Working as a team makes light work and could never be more fun. I really enjoyed using basic permaculture principles, such as design effectively and work with what you have. Here is an image of us working with what we have; measuring in “Bambi”:

Bambi stick

Eli takes a moment to measure Bambi in order to get the perfect height for the risers

Time is running out fast and we need to get the market garden designed. I will be leading the surveying of the market garden tomorrow so we can design the garden beds and paths. Stay tuned!