Crop Mob at Nebular Homestead!

We are hosting a Crop Mob on our homestead next Sunday, where we will be building Zone 2 bio-intensive garden beds. We are stoked to have the community over to give us a hand, as it sure is a lot of work to do by ourselves! During this Crop Mob, folks will learn how to maintain and grow fertile soil, create symbiotic relationships with plants, work effectively and efficiently with others (or alone), benefit from observing nature, and why it is important to grow food for our community

The main tasks will be to move the pre-existing soil (which is currently cover cropped with Sunn Hemp, Crotalaria juncea) into large double reach beds, and then covering it with compost and mulch.

Paula will be helping with the design and be in charge of feeding all of the mobbers. Honestly, the people who come will be just as blessed as us because she cooks some really healthy and (more importantly) incredible tasting food. It’s going to be a long, hardworking mob, so we will also be taking a break to enjoy some delicious local fruits (papaya, banana, persimmon, and jackfruit).

My favorite part of the Crop Mob is definitely the sharing of knowledge. Every single person has valuable information that they share during these community events, including non-related info. Mobbers help to build a resilient community and at the same time learn how to farm/garden ecologically on their own land.

Thanks to Doug Crouch for his inspiration with his article on How to use powerpoint for permaculture designs I was able to do the flyer by hand for the first time ever. I used the open source program whose features are equal to Microsoft Office (you can save in Microsoft Office formats as well).

BTW, what do you think of the name Nebular Homestead? We are unsure what to name it yet, but we really do enjoy Nebular because it means lacking definite form or limits (not to mention our dog’s name is Nebula), which is exactly what our farm is. I would love to hear your thoughts and see you here next Sunday! 🙂


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